Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Denny Hamlin Owns Pocono--Harvick Should Not Have Hit Logano

Denny Hamlin wins at Pocono again and one can only assume he will win the July race as well.  He has won there four times, always seems to be in the front toward the end of a Pocono race.  Great job Denny.  And Kevin Harvick, there was no need to take Joey Logano out of the race.  You guys were all alone, you could have backed off, and if you had enough car to pass him, you could have done it after turn 3.  I've grown to respect you, Kevin, as a mature racer, but this event was too much. 

Pocono is never my favorite venue until the last 20 laps.  Then the fuel mileage, getting into turn 1 first, all those things come into play.  Races at Pocono are usually all about the end of the race.  Drivers need to survive to the end, then do the best they can.  

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