Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Reutimann Wins @ Chicagoland

Nice win for David and Toyota @ Chicagoland last Saturday night!  Great for him, and great for Michael Waltrip Racing.  David is a good person, and a very good NASCAR driver.  Read that many drivers stopped by Victory Lane and in the garage to congratulate David.  Only watched a bit of the race but did see the pass of Jeff Gordon.  Sometimes those cookie-cutter ovals seem really boring but when you watch a driver struggle to make a pass, when both cars are so close in speed, is like watching ballet.  Both drivers, the one in front, and the one right beside, are on the verge of spinning out, and taking out the other driver/car.  It is a beautiful thing to watch, over 8-10 laps, to see the pursuit, chase, capture, and pass.  Very cool, and David did it perfectly Saturday night.  Once he got past Gordon, he drove away from him. 

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