Friday, April 24, 2009

NASCAR Awards Banquet Moving To Vegas

I fully understand why NASCAR held their annual banquet in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria since 1981. They wanted the media and advertising exposure only New York can offer. But, I've always thought it must have been funny to see the crews running through the hallways of the Waldorf with their coolers of Bud, Miller Lite, and God knows what else in the middle of the night. And all those guys stuffed into those monkey suit tuxedos--loosen up a bit! Now they are moving to Vegas, a good move for NASCAR and fans. Great time of the year for Vegas--early December is a bit slow there. A lot of fans will head out there for the week--not many go to New York. I can see the Top 10 drivers and cars going down the Strip, hopefully at midnight, all painted in those glowing, night-time paint jobs like ther are for night races. And those huge parking lots in Vegas are made for 700 horsepower NASCAR hot rods to zoom around them. Will be a fan favorite--book your rooms now!

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