Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Upon Further Reflection

Tallagega, upon further reflection. Most drivers don't like Talladega, or Daytona. A few don't seem to mind, however, and I wonder if it is because they are the ones who really want to race, no matter where they are, and have figured out the risks, and balanced them against the rewards. For example, you don't see Dale Jr., Martin Truex Jr., Mikey Waltrip, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, or Jimmy Johnson hanging out in the back of the pack all day, trying to be safe. These guys want to lead laps, run up front, and seem to be willing to take the chance that something bad will happen, or they will win. I love Carl Edwards to death, but he should have been up front all day mixing it up. While I agree there is a better solution to what we have seen in recent years at Talladega, it is what it is, and many drivers get up front and mix it up all day, and survive. Dale and his daddy are good examples. You have to know what needs to be done and go do it. Now those caught up in the early big one may be glad to be out, alive, and ready to go home (Mark Martin), in the end they would rather be there at the end to have a chance to win the race.

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