Sunday, April 26, 2009

Talladega--Scary Crash

Talladega--two "Big Ones", then arguably the biggest, most dramatic one at the end. Brad Keselowski "won" the race and almost all the drivers seem to hate the racing dictated by restrictor plates to hold speeds down. I've said for years they should put together a special samller engine package for Daytona and Talladega to eliminate the need for the restrictor plates.

At the end of the race, Carl Edwards tried to block Brad Keselowski, ended up literally airborne and in the fence. Fortunately, Edwards is fine, the fence held keeping the car out of the grandstands, though 7 fans were injured. Many years ago, in the late 60's, I saw a modified stock car get launched into the crowd at Shangrila Speedway in Owego, NY. Modifieds are open wheel stock cars. One car was passing another on the outside of turn four, the wheels got tangled up, and one car got launched over the fence into the seats. I was in the infield. Four or five people were killed. Quite a trajedy.

Not sure what NASCAR will do, if anything, but the restrictor plate racing needs to be modified in some way.

Good to see Dale Jr. finish 2nd but he is one of the best restricto plate racers of all time.

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